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If you search for plasterer Dedham MA you will find JK Painting Service Corp. a professional plastering and drywall contractor. Our team is experienced plastering walls in Dedham MA and the surrounding towns. We take pride in being a company that local homeowners can trust with all of the projects around their property. 

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When you are looking around the rooms of your home, you probably aren’t thinking about what’s underneath the paint on the walls. The fact is that many people don’t give much thought to the plaster in their homes. Plastering, however, is a very important part of home renovation and construction. JK Painting Service gives plaster lots of thought, which makes us the perfect company to hire if you need plastering done in Arlington MA.

What Is Plaster?

Plaster is laid onto your walls after the drywall and sheetrock or lath have been put in place. Plaster comes in three different forms: gypsum, lime, and cement. Gypsum plaster is formed from a powder and water mixture. Lime plaster is a mixture of water and sand.

One benefit to plaster is that it hardens your walls, keeping them safer for longer periods of time. Plaster deadens the walls as well, helping them create a soundproof barrier in the home. Plaster is also beneficial for keeping mold away from your walls. With plaster on your walls, the paint has a smooth and dry surface to stick to as well.

Your home needs to be well protected underneath its coat of paint. That goes for both the interior and exterior of your home. With JK Painting as your plastering company, we’ll be sure to plaster the full work area and leave you a smooth finish. Our team is well trained and able to plaster any size of house.

When you are walking through your house and see a dent in the wall, you may just leave it be for the time being. That dent could cause problems down the road if you don’t take care of it. JK Painting is available to handle any plaster repair jobs that may come your way. Our team of qualified professionals will fix your wall and make it look good as new.

If you’re building a new wall, leave the plaster boarding to the professionals. In addition to finalizing the plastering process, we’ll happily put up the plasterboard and secure it in place. We’ll ensure that it’s flush with the wall and won’t leave a trace of lining when we’re through.

Screeding is when you put a piece of metal or wood that ensures that the plaster is applied evenly. JK Painting screeds our plaster jobs to make sure the finished product looks amazing when it’s completed.

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Juan and crew are great. The plasterer did a fantastic job, and will definitely hire them again. They even finished up a job that was almost done so that the project could stay on schedule.

Review by Caren S. in Newton, MA 01/15/17

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We are very pleased with Jaun workmanship and organize from the moment they stared. Juan is now part of our team of service.

Michael K. Dec 29, 2016

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